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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to watch training videos without falling asleep or procrastinating

Sounds like a title from marketing campaigns, how to loose weight without trying, how to grow old and stay young, how to eat a cake and leave it whole!

I've discovered a feature in Windows media player and VLC which makes it possible for the speakers to talk faster without sounding like chipmunks. 

Here's how you change it in Windows Media Player, right click, Enhancements, Play Speed Settings.

Keyboard shortcuts for WMP - Ctrl-Shift G, Ctrl-Shift N, Ctrl-Shift S for Fast, Normal and Slow speeds.

In VLC its called scaletempo and personally I prefer VLC over WMP since I can control the play speed via keyboard in a more fine grained way, slowing and accelerating the speed based on context, complexity and alertness, I've set plus and minus for the rough jump in speed and ctrl-plus and ctrl-minus for the 0.1x change.

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