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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Comparing database schemas

WARNING: DBComparer comes with babylon toolbar and can't be removed by conventional ways. 

I've considered removing that post because of that but decided on adding a warning instead, to remove the babylon forced installation you'll have to get into firefox, ie and chrome, delete the new search engine and remove the default pages, in firefox you can do about:config, type babylon in the search box and delete all values.

---> Original post below.

So, you've been working on optimizing a database, stored procedures, indexes, views, you changed some of those, deleted a few and created new ones. You wrote on the side everything you did in the development database but somehow when you try to stage everything, you're not getting the desired performance or getting some exceptions about schema not being consistent. 

Now what?

Back in the days there was a project on sourceforge that made comparing database schemas a breeze, it was called dabcos. then came SQL 2008 and it stopped working, something about a version not being right. so I wrote a small override. then a new job came and I've lost the override and... no, I didn't have the time to look into it again.

So I've looked for a different option and that option is called DBComparer.