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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ABS Linear Bearings

After many prints, my printer started making loud noise when printing and more and more striping, I've jiggled the X and Y axis and it was shaking much. I've guessed its the linear bearings and ordered replacements but how do I go on printing now?

Not long ago I've read about sort of plastic linear bearings, igus. Though it is interesting, it doesn't solve my problem at this minute and I need a solution now.

I've started looking into other solutions on thingiverse and eventually decided to try my own design

My Linear Bearing
The design is for grease, there is a spiral inside it with holes that go from top to bottom, so when too much grease accumulates on one side, it will be pushed back to the other.

I've used white ABS with 0.2mm nozzle and printed them very slow so the bad bearing won't shake too much. I've read that if the bearing are too tight, you can use acetone on the rods to loosen them up. 

After many hours of printing, they still work pretty well!

Without the seal

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