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About Me


My name is Dror Gluska, I'm a software development consultant and a maker since before makers were defined.

I'm a natural born geek, I've started with fumes of soldering iron when I was very young, ZX81, 8052 basic, and grew with the technology, My recent experience includes embedded, cloud development (Azure/AWS), Cross Platform C++, .NET, Node Js and Video applications. I'm passionate about architecture and development of projects that are designed to grow and doing POCs.

I have an active github account and I've been doing my own things for quite a while, some of my more interesting personal projects are porting of TinyEMU to ESP32OpenCV binding for Node JSRTKLIB Web UI and Arduino related projects. I'm currently experimenting with flying gadgets, 3D printers and IoT.

I'm very curious about ESP32 as I think it can be a great enterprise grade IoT/Industry 4.0 device, so I've spend some time exploring its advanced features and wrote a few POCs for client.

I'm looking to expand my understanding of Machine Learning via Keras, my knowledge is theoretical at the moment.

My unrelated hobbies include photography, scuba diving (I'm a certified Dive Master), some carpentry work and I like hiking and going to a new place at least once a year, I'm very curious about neurology though I admit I've been neglecting that hobby for a while.