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Monday, March 21, 2011

Compiled string.Format

Ever looked at Performance wizard and seen a significant potion being taken by string.Format? one day I have and decided to try and find a faster string.Format, it took a couple of hours and I came up with a way to cache the static and dynamic portions of the string which speed up things by a bit, but not enough to permanently integrate it into the project, maintenance time is not worth it. 

But if you're program relies heavily on string.format and the difference you have with 1 million executions is worth the 100-500 ms you'll save on it, have fun.

For example, a formatted string with 5 parameters times 1 million executions is ~2350 ms with my method and ~2800 ms with string.Format.

You can find the project here:

and the benchmarks here:

The categories in the graph are a number of parameters the formatting needs to parse.

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