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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AWS Advanced Training

Today I had AWS Advanced seminar, it was a full day training, we had a presentation in the morning about VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), which is very interesting, its like having your cloud servers on their own vlan, you can decide which server has what access to the outside world, be it public IPs or even no internet access.

I came a bit unprepared, the account I was supposed to do my lab on was changed but my computer had all the keys for the other account, so I got a bit mixed up when the CLI and putty part came in, I recommend you check before hand that you can actually connect using CLI and putty to your cloud servers.

Check these out

Then we had a presentation about ElastiCache, which is a memcached on the cloud, DynamoDB which is a document database on the cloud, the whole idea of these services is that you don't need to manage them, only decide how many calls per second you want guaranteed and Amazon's team does the rest.

Then we had a bit of EMR - Elastic MapReduce, which is also very nice, Amazon does the whole setup, you just need to come with your data and tell them how to process it, you can even ship them hard drives if its quicker than uploading (think about it).

And in the end we had a quick session about architecture - how various implementations are possible on AWS.

I would like to thank the wonderful team of AWS professionals who came here and gave us the presentations and training:

Jean-Pierre Legoaller, who took care of the first half.
Haken Gurel, who took care of the second half.
and Guillem Veiga for answering questions and helping with pricing.



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