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Saturday, February 25, 2017

OpenCV Node js Bindings - HOG Demo

This is a simple demo showing that the addon is starting to work, many of the basic objects are implemented and working, including Rect, Point, Matrix, and more.

The HOG demo is actually a ported version of pedestrian detection demo from opencv_extras, since the CPU version of VideoCapture only plays mpeg files, I've modified utility.ts (which is ported from utility.h/cpp) to use my own ffmpeg bindings instead.

The porting work I've done attempts to include the GPU APIs as well, but until I'll implement cuda/GPU work in node-alvision, its only a stub, but the CPU version works as well as I could see, the code runs pretty slow since I've tested it in in debug mode while developing, but it should run faster in release and these APIs could run in node js threadloop, so in theory it could be a lot faster, but it remains to be seen if it will be.

ported typescript file is pedestrian_detection.ts



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