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Saturday, March 4, 2017

OpenCV Node js Bindings - Background Subtraction Demo - on Raspberry PI !

Finally, the arm build is working, some of the problems I had to overcome, well? waiting for Raspberry PI to compile, why this computer is so popular when RK3288 is available I will never know. I've ordered a few RK3288 to accelerate my work on arm, meanwhile I think my RK3188 will be faster, I'll update as soon as I can.

Another problem is some issues I've had with file names, while working on the linux port, the typescript import file names were case insensitive and this time they were.

Lastly, different version of gcc than the linux test machine, so c++14 wasn't the default, I've added it to the build, hopefully there won't be any issues now.

In any case, this demo is for background subtraction, on arm, about 3-4 fps for two background subtraction algorithms, CPU  is about 25-30%, mostly single core, in the video its higher because ffmpeg attempts to capture and compress the screen capture in the background, the x11 took some more CPU.

Not bad but if you're planning to run OpenCV on Raspberry PI, you'll probably need to do some serious optimizations by resizing or changing algorithm parameters.



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