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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Emulating COM Ports on Windows

My computer is not near a window, but I do need to get data from my GPS to RTKLIB hosting program I'm rebuilding.

So after trying a long wire, a wireless relay and even going outside, I've decided to try a COM port emulation solution.

After looking around I've found an old unsigned driver of com0com, but since its not signed, its a hassle to install and I don't really want to open up my computer to these kinds of security risks.

After looking around I've found a signed version at  https://code.google.com/archive/p/powersdr-iq/downloads

Once I've installed the driver, I have access to com0com setup

Basically, you'll need to mark the class checkbox and it will become just like a regular com port.

After that, you should download the com port data generator from aggsoft

Although you can generate random data, its best to use real data recorded previously, if you're interested in RTK GPS data, you can download the raw bytes from rtkexplorer.

Once you start playback, you can attach the appropriate RTKLIB application to the 2nd com port and see how its doing

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